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Russia’s Real Barbie Girl Meets Ukraine’s Anime Girl

Most little girls adore dolls and grow up playing with them. Some of us (ladies) may want to look like them. I was one of those young women who kept on daydreaming that fairies were real and would grant me a wish- to look like Barbie! But, after seeing these photos, my idea of pulchritude was utterly distorted. I’d never wanted to have the same aesthetic choice…ever! However, this is just my opinion after knowing the dolls above are indeed REAL HUMAN BEINGS!

Valeria Lukyanova (right), who calls herself Real Barbie is an internet sensation in her home country of Russia and Anastasiya Shpagina (left), is Ukraine’s Anime Girl. They both meet to do a photoshoot for the first time together.

21-year old Valeria shocked the world of her doll-like features, long blonde hair and ‘perfect’ body which is rumored to be a product of extensive plastic surgery. On the other hand, 19-year old Anastasya who looks like an anime that just stepped out of the manga comic and transforms herself into a warm-blooded anime girl achieves her appearance due to extreme make-up job. According to kyivpost, it takes her 3 hours every day to complete her wild look. As you have noticed, they focus on their  eyes making them enormous and making their noses and lips smaller.

Just imagine seeing them personally and eventually talk to you! Ah, just the thought of seeing their eyes with my own naked eyes  scares me. Perhaps, you have your own perception, but that’s just the way I see it, OK? lol!

What I appreciate about these girls is that, they’re very brave to be what they wanted to be. I mean, it’s not easy to be like this. I’m sure they went under the knife and had to endure a lot of pain just to bring this  about. You may think they’re crazy or what. But, as for me, that’s just the way they are. It’s really hard to judge because we don’t know them personally.

I know most of us have tried sacrificing some things to get something.  Since they’ve gone this far to look good, I just hope they’ve finally acquired the contentment and happiness. That matters, right?


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Back to Halloween Theme

Hi! A few days have passed without posting back about Halloween must-haves and must-DIY’s.  I’m so sorry for my silence. I know I promised to write a series of Halloween posts for a week. I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment but luckily found a spare for today – an hour or so. Do you mind if I carry this on now? Oh, Thank you! (Talking to myself..scary! lol)

I was using the most powerful tool to make this post easier for me – the internet! I spotted a few much-easier-than-a-pie snacks which can also be a spook-tacular Halloween decor. Enjoy staring!!! Hahaha. Don’t limit yourself for just a look or read. I wish you’d  eventually do these projects too!

Have fun with mallows

These are apparently one of the easiest. What you need: mallows as heads, sticks as tiny bodies  and edible markers to make them faces. Thanks to decorated cookie and mom me for the inspiration.

Goodies in a bowl

If mallows are the easiest, this seems to be the easiestest?!! Oh, no students! There’s no such word as “easiestest” in the dictionary, ‘ayt? That’s just my way of telling you that these are all simple things to make. I guess it’s for you to decide which you think is the most effortless for you to do. As for me, these are the quickest. What you need: glass bowls, candies and/or cheese balls or any edible that’s more or less fitting to the theme. You may also add a creepy spider on top.  To aid you create an embellished bowl similar to the first photo, you can click here.

Cup-spooky treats

Look at these amazingly pretty sweets in a glass cup treats! Gazing at them reminds me  of the cliché “simplicity is beauty.”  It’s because I found them so eerily cute  (if I were to coin a term for it) and making them is without a fuss! What you need: glass cups, crushed chocolate cookies (Oreos!), cookies (as gravestones), gummy worms, jello gelatin. Kindly check this out for steps on how to make the worm jello . You may replace gummy worms with cookies as gravestones like that of the second photo or put gummy worms and cookie gravestones in the same glass for a more uncanny appeal.

So, don’t ever think this is too early to prepare for your Halloween party! Hello, it’s mid October! Of course, you don’t want to race against time. I hope I have lent you a hand with this post. Keep posted!

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It’s Halloween! What to wear?

It’s officially October! That means, Halloween! I suppose a lot of us are already thinking of some ideas for a Halloween party. I guess, that includes me (pretty much) .  So, I want to take part of giving you some inspiration for a spooky-fun party. I know the internet is brimming with ideas.  This week, I’ll be posting things that you need to prepare for the Halloween. Today, let’s start with costumes.


For girls…

I found this kid costume  so cute that I want to share it to my students who are patiently opening my newly-born blog.  For my little girl students, please ask help from your moms. For my mommy students, please please try to help your girls. Lol!

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to do this amazingly cute skirt and see how easy it’s being done. You don’t even need a needle to do this.

Now that you know how to make a tutu, then you might want to make another one for your toddler and wear it this way:

Isn’t it  cute??!!!

For ladies…

Although we wanted to be as scary as possible to win the best in costume, most of the ladies don’t want to sacrifice their chic looks (and that includes me again!). You can be a pretty owl for the night.

So, why not choose a stylish costume that would still fit that night of both fun and creepy moments?! Click the link to know how to do it yourself.


If you think you’re all set after making your own costume, you’re wrong. Complete the package with perfectly eerie but pretty nails. Have some spooky cookie nails!

Get your own nails done! My favorite is the first nail art photo. I just like the color combination and the spider web. It’s also done very neatly.  You can also check out how the second nail art is done by blingernails.


If you’re just not into costume and wants to stay simple as you are, you can grab your little black dress and wear some accessories you can just do-it-yourself! Here’s a headband that looks pretty awesome with just a plain dress.

There you have it! Easy and simple steps to dress yourselves up for a spook-tacular Halloween affair! Have fun girls and ladies!

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Turning A Scarf Into A Vest

I was inspired recently by a DIY blogger and thought of stealing some ideas from her blog. Actually, not entirely stealing, I know that’s bad. lol. ^__^ Shall I call this sharing? (guess so!) Anyway, I just found this one pretty amazing and easy and I thought of posting it here to also inspire you.

How to turn a scarf into a vest? Here’s how.

The only thing you need is… a scarf! That’s it.

note: Your scarf should be long enough. This one is 77 inches long and 26 inches wide.

That’s it! It’s as easy as 123!

Next, how to wear it. Just open the folded scarf and you should see two holes. These two holes are for your arms! See the two holes in the picture below?

There you go! You have now a pretty vest. Go ahead and slip your arms through the holes.

Pretty, yeah?

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Imperfections Are a Part of Who You Are

When Life Turns Black & White

“Never hate what made you happy for once. Treasure happiness and just love yourself. “

Being deprived of a perfectly toned and flawless skin can never be easy. Limitations to what you wear and what you do is endless! You may hate yourself sometimes because you get insecure with others who can actually just show off and be themselves.

I am in my mid-twenties with an average-paying job surrounded by adventurous, fun, fashionable and candid people. We usually hang out together anywhere: karaoke bars, clubs and of course, outdoors! But when I see my girl friends wearing those skimpy shorts, skirts, dresses and bikinis on the beach, this insecurity in me always strikes. “I wish I can wear those.” – This has been the line of a girl wishing to get rid of little landmarks on her legs. (Ha-ha! Landmark it is!)

I know there are countless of ways to get away with scars on the legs nowadays. But that would cost me a fortune. That would lose all my savings and stress myself to work to earn more. I consider it a luxury I can’t afford. (And, don’t want to afford.)

As days go by, and as I see more of my friends’ superb skin, I realized one thing: “I don’t need to change who I am.” Knowing that apart from being plagued by lack of confidence, I also feel the pleasure that no one can’t take away from me- I have wonderful friends who can cheer me up, I have a family who will always be there; and, I have a boyfriend who knows my flaws very well (including physical flaws) and still loves me for who I am.

“wear your own skin- wear yourself!”

Now, I am starting to have a new line, “So, what if I have these? These are the unfading evidence of an exciting childhood from a venturesome kid.” The fact that I should be proud of, because not everyone gets the chance to do what I did: swim at a river with my brothers, climb trees, steal crops from our neighbor’s farm, dive at our neighbor’s pool and run away. Name that all! And every time I sneak off, it leaves a wound and a scar. I was also allergic to dirt and I had always loved playing at dirty places. It’s more fun! That’s the reason behind the landmarks. Ha-ha!

The bottom line is, having a flawless skin doesn’t define who you are. It’s the totality of a person. Forget about the flaws! Everyone has it (in different ways). Never hate what made you happy for once. Treasure happiness and just love yourself. The most important thing is, wear your own skin- wear yourself!

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Let’s Pray For The Philippines

It really pains me looking at those photos. Fresh from the Ondoy wrath two years ago, here we go again having this adversity brought by the continuous downpour. More than one million people combated with the fierce flood. Lives were lost and a number of our fellowmen were hurt.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” One of the great quotes of Mother Theresa, has been the motto of everyone. In times of these crises, brave people show up. Brave to fight against the raving water to save the lives of others. Brave to take part on giving of what we can give. We’re no super heroes. But just looking at those photos, we could think that we don’t need super powers to help. We need just ourselves and the love inside our hearts.

Be a hero to one’s country.


Here’s how:

You can directly donate to Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate

or via paypal: fundgeneration@redcross.org.ph

Send donations through sms:

Smart subscribers – Text RED to 4143

Globe subscribers – Text RED <space> AMOUNT to 2899

For Globe Gcash users – Text DONATE <space> AMOUNT MPIN SLB to 2882 (ex. DONATE 500 9097 slb)

You can donate the ff. denominations:

Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000

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Hello, readers! Hello world!

Thanks for the warm welcome wordpress!

Today, my aprilberden.wordpress.com is born! I am very excited to post anything and everything interesting that comes in and out of my mind (and perhaps somebody else’s mind). I can’t wait to tell the world what I am up to (and what the others are up to.  lol). I am looking forward to know what others think about my upcoming posts!!!

I hope the readers will welcome me too!

Hi, Lheenard! I know you’re going to be my number one fan. You’ll be the first one to read this! Thanks for loving me. I will share here our fun moments too.