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Gorilla’s High Wire Stunt Gets The Ladies

Gorilla Kidogo

Zoo staff say that a tightrope walking gorilla’s attempts to impress the ladies appeared to have paid off.

Kidogo has been accepted as a mate by both of the females in his enclosure since his high wire display at Germany’s Krefeld Zoo.

One keeper said: “They can’t seem to get enough of his company – his high wire jinks really do the trick.”

Zoo spokeswoman Petra Schwinn added: “It’s too early to see if the pairing will result in offspring immediately but we are optimistic, a pregnancy takes almost nine months in gorillas, similar to humans, but we will know more in a few months.”

And keepers believe they may have discovered the inspiration for the gorilla’s high wire stunts – humans.

Ms Schwinn said: “We have observed he really seems to prefer walking upright like a human, we think he might be copying the visitors.

“And because he wants to show who’s the boss, he’s showing that he can do it better than we can – by walking on a high wire. He really is a unique animal.”

When he first arrived the big ape’s keepers were concerned that 12-year-old Kidogo appeared homesick following a move from Denmark’s Givskud Zoo at the end of March.

He was brought in after the zoo’s previous male gorilla Massa was found to be too old and had become infertile, but they now believe he was just looking at the best way to show himself off to females Muna, 23 and Oya, 24.

The tightrope had been intended for him to hang from but keepers were amazed when he climbed up and began walking on it instead.



A man who takes a pregnancy test jokingly, learns he has testicular cancer from Reddit users

Who would have thought that a ‘rage comic’ above could lead to an early detection of a testicular cancer?

A Reddit user CappnPoopdeck last week jokingly takes an unused pregnancy test left behind by his ex-girlfriend and realized that the results went positive. To his amusement, he posted a comic that seems to be hilarious for some, but bothering to other Reddit users who have a little or much knowledge about the matter. This has gained a lot of attention among Redditors and comments flooded. One comment reads, “If this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer. Seriously. Google it,”

The second comic just shows how he took the pieces of advice from concerned Redittors seriously. Sad to say, the test for a testicular problem by a doctor also came back positive. According to abc news, Pregnancy tests detect beta human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone in the blood and the urine produced by the developing placenta. Experts say beta hCG can also signal testicular cancer. While a positive pregnancy test can be a fluky clue, the first sign of testicular cancer is usually a painless lump.

Looking at the brighter side, he’s lucky enough to have known his condition earlier by chance. But the man might have one of his testicles removed. If he hadn’t been that curious on trying such funny ideas, such as trying out a pregnancy test and posting the results online, the results could’ve been more serious. Intrusiveness of the internet has a positive effect after all.

Source: abcnews.go.com

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Russia’s Real Barbie Girl Meets Ukraine’s Anime Girl

Most little girls adore dolls and grow up playing with them. Some of us (ladies) may want to look like them. I was one of those young women who kept on daydreaming that fairies were real and would grant me a wish- to look like Barbie! But, after seeing these photos, my idea of pulchritude was utterly distorted. I’d never wanted to have the same aesthetic choice…ever! However, this is just my opinion after knowing the dolls above are indeed REAL HUMAN BEINGS!

Valeria Lukyanova (right), who calls herself Real Barbie is an internet sensation in her home country of Russia and Anastasiya Shpagina (left), is Ukraine’s Anime Girl. They both meet to do a photoshoot for the first time together.

21-year old Valeria shocked the world of her doll-like features, long blonde hair and ‘perfect’ body which is rumored to be a product of extensive plastic surgery. On the other hand, 19-year old Anastasya who looks like an anime that just stepped out of the manga comic and transforms herself into a warm-blooded anime girl achieves her appearance due to extreme make-up job. According to kyivpost, it takes her 3 hours every day to complete her wild look. As you have noticed, they focus on their  eyes making them enormous and making their noses and lips smaller.

Just imagine seeing them personally and eventually talk to you! Ah, just the thought of seeing their eyes with my own naked eyes  scares me. Perhaps, you have your own perception, but that’s just the way I see it, OK? lol!

What I appreciate about these girls is that, they’re very brave to be what they wanted to be. I mean, it’s not easy to be like this. I’m sure they went under the knife and had to endure a lot of pain just to bring this  about. You may think they’re crazy or what. But, as for me, that’s just the way they are. It’s really hard to judge because we don’t know them personally.

I know most of us have tried sacrificing some things to get something.  Since they’ve gone this far to look good, I just hope they’ve finally acquired the contentment and happiness. That matters, right?