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Hi! A few days have passed without posting back about Halloween must-haves and must-DIY’s.  I’m so sorry for my silence. I know I promised to write a series of Halloween posts for a week. I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment but luckily found a spare for today – an hour or so. Do you mind if I carry this on now? Oh, Thank you! (Talking to myself..scary! lol)

I was using the most powerful tool to make this post easier for me – the internet! I spotted a few much-easier-than-a-pie snacks which can also be a spook-tacular Halloween decor. Enjoy staring!!! Hahaha. Don’t limit yourself for just a look or read. I wish you’d  eventually do these projects too!

Have fun with mallows

These are apparently one of the easiest. What you need: mallows as heads, sticks as tiny bodies  and edible markers to make them faces. Thanks to decorated cookie and mom me for the inspiration.

Goodies in a bowl

If mallows are the easiest, this seems to be the easiestest?!! Oh, no students! There’s no such word as “easiestest” in the dictionary, ‘ayt? That’s just my way of telling you that these are all simple things to make. I guess it’s for you to decide which you think is the most effortless for you to do. As for me, these are the quickest. What you need: glass bowls, candies and/or cheese balls or any edible that’s more or less fitting to the theme. You may also add a creepy spider on top.  To aid you create an embellished bowl similar to the first photo, you can click here.

Cup-spooky treats

Look at these amazingly pretty sweets in a glass cup treats! Gazing at them reminds me  of the cliché “simplicity is beauty.”  It’s because I found them so eerily cute  (if I were to coin a term for it) and making them is without a fuss! What you need: glass cups, crushed chocolate cookies (Oreos!), cookies (as gravestones), gummy worms, jello gelatin. Kindly check this out for steps on how to make the worm jello . You may replace gummy worms with cookies as gravestones like that of the second photo or put gummy worms and cookie gravestones in the same glass for a more uncanny appeal.

So, don’t ever think this is too early to prepare for your Halloween party! Hello, it’s mid October! Of course, you don’t want to race against time. I hope I have lent you a hand with this post. Keep posted!


Author: aprilberden

This is April Berden. I'm both a teacher and a student. A teacher. I teach English as a second language to my fellow Asian mainly Japanese and Korean. A student. I'm studying business administration since my ultimate goal is to run my own business in the future. I love to dance, cook, write, paint and have more friends. I love to love life and I'm addicted to it!

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