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It’s Halloween! What to wear?

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It’s officially October! That means, Halloween! I suppose a lot of us are already thinking of some ideas for a Halloween party. I guess, that includes me (pretty much) .  So, I want to take part of giving you some inspiration for a spooky-fun party. I know the internet is brimming with ideas.  This week, I’ll be posting things that you need to prepare for the Halloween. Today, let’s start with costumes.


For girls…

I found this kid costume  so cute that I want to share it to my students who are patiently opening my newly-born blog.  For my little girl students, please ask help from your moms. For my mommy students, please please try to help your girls. Lol!

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to do this amazingly cute skirt and see how easy it’s being done. You don’t even need a needle to do this.

Now that you know how to make a tutu, then you might want to make another one for your toddler and wear it this way:

Isn’t it  cute??!!!

For ladies…

Although we wanted to be as scary as possible to win the best in costume, most of the ladies don’t want to sacrifice their chic looks (and that includes me again!). You can be a pretty owl for the night.

So, why not choose a stylish costume that would still fit that night of both fun and creepy moments?! Click the link to know how to do it yourself.


If you think you’re all set after making your own costume, you’re wrong. Complete the package with perfectly eerie but pretty nails. Have some spooky cookie nails!

Get your own nails done! My favorite is the first nail art photo. I just like the color combination and the spider web. It’s also done very neatly.  You can also check out how the second nail art is done by blingernails.


If you’re just not into costume and wants to stay simple as you are, you can grab your little black dress and wear some accessories you can just do-it-yourself! Here’s a headband that looks pretty awesome with just a plain dress.

There you have it! Easy and simple steps to dress yourselves up for a spook-tacular Halloween affair! Have fun girls and ladies!


Author: aprilberden

This is April Berden. I'm both a teacher and a student. A teacher. I teach English as a second language to my fellow Asian mainly Japanese and Korean. A student. I'm studying business administration since my ultimate goal is to run my own business in the future. I love to dance, cook, write, paint and have more friends. I love to love life and I'm addicted to it!

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