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Turning A Scarf Into A Vest

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I was inspired recently by a DIY blogger and thought of stealing some ideas from her blog. Actually, not entirely stealing, I know that’s bad. lol. ^__^ Shall I call this sharing? (guess so!) Anyway, I just found this one pretty amazing and easy and I thought of posting it here to also inspire you.

How to turn a scarf into a vest? Here’s how.

The only thing you need is… a scarf! That’s it.

note: Your scarf should be long enough. This one is 77 inches long and 26 inches wide.

That’s it! It’s as easy as 123!

Next, how to wear it. Just open the folded scarf and you should see two holes. These two holes are for your arms! See the two holes in the picture below?

There you go! You have now a pretty vest. Go ahead and slip your arms through the holes.

Pretty, yeah?


Author: aprilberden

This is April Berden. I'm both a teacher and a student. A teacher. I teach English as a second language to my fellow Asian mainly Japanese and Korean. A student. I'm studying business administration since my ultimate goal is to run my own business in the future. I love to dance, cook, write, paint and have more friends. I love to love life and I'm addicted to it!

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