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Turning A Scarf Into A Vest

I was inspired recently by a DIY blogger and thought of stealing some ideas from her blog. Actually, not entirely stealing, I know that’s bad. lol. ^__^ Shall I call this sharing? (guess so!) Anyway, I just found this one pretty amazing and easy and I thought of posting it here to also inspire you.

How to turn a scarf into a vest? Here’s how.

The only thing you need is… a scarf! That’s it.

note: Your scarf should be long enough. This one is 77 inches long and 26 inches wide.

That’s it! It’s as easy as 123!

Next, how to wear it. Just open the folded scarf and you should see two holes. These two holes are for your arms! See the two holes in the picture below?

There you go! You have now a pretty vest. Go ahead and slip your arms through the holes.

Pretty, yeah?


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Imperfections Are a Part of Who You Are

When Life Turns Black & White

“Never hate what made you happy for once. Treasure happiness and just love yourself. “

Being deprived of a perfectly toned and flawless skin can never be easy. Limitations to what you wear and what you do is endless! You may hate yourself sometimes because you get insecure with others who can actually just show off and be themselves.

I am in my mid-twenties with an average-paying job surrounded by adventurous, fun, fashionable and candid people. We usually hang out together anywhere: karaoke bars, clubs and of course, outdoors! But when I see my girl friends wearing those skimpy shorts, skirts, dresses and bikinis on the beach, this insecurity in me always strikes. “I wish I can wear those.” – This has been the line of a girl wishing to get rid of little landmarks on her legs. (Ha-ha! Landmark it is!)

I know there are countless of ways to get away with scars on the legs nowadays. But that would cost me a fortune. That would lose all my savings and stress myself to work to earn more. I consider it a luxury I can’t afford. (And, don’t want to afford.)

As days go by, and as I see more of my friends’ superb skin, I realized one thing: “I don’t need to change who I am.” Knowing that apart from being plagued by lack of confidence, I also feel the pleasure that no one can’t take away from me- I have wonderful friends who can cheer me up, I have a family who will always be there; and, I have a boyfriend who knows my flaws very well (including physical flaws) and still loves me for who I am.

“wear your own skin- wear yourself!”

Now, I am starting to have a new line, “So, what if I have these? These are the unfading evidence of an exciting childhood from a venturesome kid.” The fact that I should be proud of, because not everyone gets the chance to do what I did: swim at a river with my brothers, climb trees, steal crops from our neighbor’s farm, dive at our neighbor’s pool and run away. Name that all! And every time I sneak off, it leaves a wound and a scar. I was also allergic to dirt and I had always loved playing at dirty places. It’s more fun! That’s the reason behind the landmarks. Ha-ha!

The bottom line is, having a flawless skin doesn’t define who you are. It’s the totality of a person. Forget about the flaws! Everyone has it (in different ways). Never hate what made you happy for once. Treasure happiness and just love yourself. The most important thing is, wear your own skin- wear yourself!