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Gorilla’s High Wire Stunt Gets The Ladies

Gorilla Kidogo

Zoo staff say that a tightrope walking gorilla’s attempts to impress the ladies appeared to have paid off.

Kidogo has been accepted as a mate by both of the females in his enclosure since his high wire display at Germany’s Krefeld Zoo.

One keeper said: “They can’t seem to get enough of his company – his high wire jinks really do the trick.”

Zoo spokeswoman Petra Schwinn added: “It’s too early to see if the pairing will result in offspring immediately but we are optimistic, a pregnancy takes almost nine months in gorillas, similar to humans, but we will know more in a few months.”

And keepers believe they may have discovered the inspiration for the gorilla’s high wire stunts – humans.

Ms Schwinn said: “We have observed he really seems to prefer walking upright like a human, we think he might be copying the visitors.

“And because he wants to show who’s the boss, he’s showing that he can do it better than we can – by walking on a high wire. He really is a unique animal.”

When he first arrived the big ape’s keepers were concerned that 12-year-old Kidogo appeared homesick following a move from Denmark’s Givskud Zoo at the end of March.

He was brought in after the zoo’s previous male gorilla Massa was found to be too old and had become infertile, but they now believe he was just looking at the best way to show himself off to females Muna, 23 and Oya, 24.

The tightrope had been intended for him to hang from but keepers were amazed when he climbed up and began walking on it instead.


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Defining Beauty From A Texan Woman Who Just Can’t Gain Weight

A lot of people seemed to be so concerned with their faces but very less or never concerned about their personality. This video might not be so attractive, you might not see a very beautiful face. However, I recommend you to watch it. Especially to those people who think they’re the ugliest individuals on this planet. Also to those people who think they’re too appealing physically that they can no longer  see the other beauty around them. Why is it worth watching? Because this will change the way you see yourself and your life. Today, I found one of the top-most beautiful women in the world.
Watch and listen to this!

I had been very silent in the past few weeks. I was so pressed for time lately making lesson plans for my students. Today, while I was browsing through YouTube to find a video related to my lesson, I found something that really inspired me. Something that is too far from the topic I was searching for but I should say, I’ve never wasted a single minute. To tell you honestly, I didn’t know how I came to find that link. But wow, I was glad to get lost a bit while surfing.

If you’re very itchy to know why she can’t gain weight, and why I said she’s one of the prettiest ladies in the globe, here’s another video from Barcroft Media Ltd.

Each of us  surely has his/ her  own definition of beauty. It can be physical attractiveness or simply an advantage that sets you above the rest. Though I’d always want to be pretty outside, I guess having the latter is tougher to achieve and having it is the best kind of beauty one could ever have! It’s just so stupid for other people (especially girls) tobe someone they’re not. Hey, you don’t need to change your physical you!

I’m not saying that physical beauty isn’t important. Practically and realistically speaking, it is significant. It matters because we’re unfortunately born in this world where it SHOULD REALLY MATTER. As for me, it’s never essential to life. We can live and breathe without it. We can be happy without it. I think it’s just a matter of how you think of yourself and of others.

When we see a bevy of beauties, we tend to be so awed. We feel that they’re perfect and that they must be living a very good life. But no, not all of them or should I say most of them if not all are living in hell while on earth. In fact, a number of them commit suicide. I guess it’s really true…beauty can be deceiving.

So, girls and even guys. Don’t worry too much about how you look. Taking care of what you already have is OK. Making yourselves look nicer is better. Focus on what you have and let it grow. If you’re good at singing, be a better singer. Just remember that the most important thing is taking care of your character. I’m going to end my post with this song “Ugly” by Sugababes. Enjoy!

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A Bird’s Remains Carrying A Code May Reveal WWII Top Secrets

The skeleton of a pigeon which carries an encrypted message enclosed in a red capsule has been found in Surrey, England. Experts believe that the bird had been a war pigeon which was used as a military messenger for Allied forces during World War II.

David Martin discovered the skeleton in his chimney of his home near Reigate, Surrey while renovating his fireplace in 1982. Two weeks ago, November 1st, Bletchley Park which was a codebreaking building and currently houses the National Codes Centre, went public with a news release.

“We have more than 30 messages from WWII carrier pigeons in our exhibition, but not one is in code. The message Mr. Martin found must be highly top secret. The aluminum ring found on the bird’s leg tells us it was born in 1940 and we know it’s an Allied Forces pigeon because of the red capsule it was carrying – but that’s all we know,” said Colin Hill, the curator of Bletchley Park’s ‘Pigeons at War’.

Mr. Martin just like everybody else thinks that it’s a real mystery. “Who knows, maybe it’ll tell us something really shocking like, God forbid, Churchill was actually working undercover for the Nazis!” Mr. Martin commented. War experts are now trying to decipher the message and may at least illuminate a fragment of wartime history.


A man who takes a pregnancy test jokingly, learns he has testicular cancer from Reddit users

Who would have thought that a ‘rage comic’ above could lead to an early detection of a testicular cancer?

A Reddit user CappnPoopdeck last week jokingly takes an unused pregnancy test left behind by his ex-girlfriend and realized that the results went positive. To his amusement, he posted a comic that seems to be hilarious for some, but bothering to other Reddit users who have a little or much knowledge about the matter. This has gained a lot of attention among Redditors and comments flooded. One comment reads, “If this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer. Seriously. Google it,”

The second comic just shows how he took the pieces of advice from concerned Redittors seriously. Sad to say, the test for a testicular problem by a doctor also came back positive. According to abc news, Pregnancy tests detect beta human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone in the blood and the urine produced by the developing placenta. Experts say beta hCG can also signal testicular cancer. While a positive pregnancy test can be a fluky clue, the first sign of testicular cancer is usually a painless lump.

Looking at the brighter side, he’s lucky enough to have known his condition earlier by chance. But the man might have one of his testicles removed. If he hadn’t been that curious on trying such funny ideas, such as trying out a pregnancy test and posting the results online, the results could’ve been more serious. Intrusiveness of the internet has a positive effect after all.

Source: abcnews.go.com


Anna Fegi Performed at Queen of Cebu Pageant

One of Cebu’s great singers Anna Fegi was one of the guest  performers at Waterfront Hotel and Casino for Queen of Cebu, The Pageant for Alternatives last Friday night, November 9th. Anna amazed the crowd when she sang two power-belting songs, ‘Run to you’ and ‘This is the moment.’

Here is Anna singing ‘Run To You’ at Waterfront Hotel

Fegi started her career when she was discovered by the famous musical composer, arranger Mr. Ryan Cayabyab who founded the well-known group, Smokey Mountain in the early 90’s. From there, she moved up the ladder and in 2000, she joined the longest-running musical variety show in the Philippines, ASAP for five years.

Anna Fegi singing her own version of ‘This Is The Moment’

It was really great to see her perform on stage again keeping those high notes in perfect key after she made waves abroad. She also looked elegant that night wearing a signature gown from Cebu’s master couturier himself, Cary Santiago. I just saw that gown last month being displayed at Cary Santiago’s boutique and thought of it as a very classy piece. Anna gave justice to it with a stunningly great hair and a tsunami walk upon exiting the stage. She indeed made me and other Cebuanos especially our fellow Lutopanons proud!

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Does platonic friendship really exist between a man and a woman?

Recently, I found an article that talks about platonic friendship. Can men and women become really close friends without any sensual desire? Based on my experience with my guy best friend, my answer is a big YES! But, as viewed by men, this article says ‘NO’. It seems that according to a study conducted by a Japanese bridal site Bridal Souken and was translated by rocketnews24.com, many more men and women think it is than isn’t and gender is but a single piece of a bigger puzzle.

I honestly found the idea of doing a scientific study on platonic friendship humorous at first but later realized it’s interesting, and perhaps has raised serious debates. I’m going to share my personal point-of-view on this matter by telling you a story.

Whenever I hear the phrase ‘platonic friendship’, I can’t help but reminisce the memories I had with my very close friend, Jemar whom I called my “guy bestfriend.” He died at the age of 21 in a motorcycle accident.

We were yet but strangers on our first few days in high school since we both studied in different schools during our elementary years. We became acquainted when one of my very close girl friends had a crush on him and I eventually became the bridge of the two. Since I had to talk to him about some things between him and my girl friend, we usually spent most of each school day together. He’s an eldest child among two siblings and guess needed a sister-like figure that’s why he liked hanging out with me. When we reached sophomore, I gradually considered him as my best friend and he considered me the same. He called me “ate” a Cebuano salutation for ‘big sister’ while I called him “dodong” a local vocative for ‘younger brother.’ On our second year of friendship, I became and acted like her real sister, telling him what to do or not to do (especially when he started wooing my girl friend). People who didn’t know us very well would ask if we had a special relationship or what because what we had wasn’t typical to them. We hugged whenever we saw each other, and he’d place his arms on my shoulders while we were walking down the street or even held my hands. We even slept on the same bed one time when we were both so busy at school and became exhausted. It was literally ‘sleeping together.’ Indeed, the platonic feeling was mutual.

We became so accustomed to treating each other in a sweet but unromantic way. Though some of his guy friends would tease us and thought we’re into something, we really didn’t mind them…at all! As for me, it was indeed nothing even until we graduated high school. When we both stepped into college and needed to part ways, that changed a bit. We had each of our own partners. There was some kind of awkward feeling whenever he hugged me. He never changed but I did. He even hugged me in front of her girlfriend but never would I hug him in front of my boy friend.

What made me change when I had a boyfriend? I guess the reasons were obvious. One, I didn’t want each of our partners to feel jealous. Two, I realized, we were no longer youngsters and both worlds have changed. Or, was I the only one noticing the difference? It’s just so unfortunate that upon writing this article, I couldn’t get the answer to my question. I asked a few of my male students if they experienced the kind of friendship we had. Unluckily, only one out of twelve Japanese male students had it. His answers to my questions were totally the opposite of what I expected although I know his answers were more realistic than mine. He said, he kept his feelings toward his girl best friend for years. He was just too afraid to break their friendship since the girl told him beforehand this painful line, “You’re just a brother to me.” That line was a slap on his face though it was unsolicited. He thinks that what the girl made her say that, is perhaps he was showing signs of his true feelings.

My intent of citing real-life stories is to show that a man and a woman can really be true friends free from physical interests but not in all cases.

Is a friendship between a man and a woman real? Yes. In fact, we all build platonic friendship daily. Females interact and build friendship with males at work, at school, at our neighborhood, etc. However, physiologically and psychologically, we are born with innate or natural impulses commonly known as human instincts including reproduction and pair bonding which I think are barriers. Therefore, it’s not impossible for a man and a woman who consider themselves as ‘just friends’ progress to non-platonic relationship like boyfriend/ girlfriend or the kind of intimate friendship shown in the movies ‘No Strings Attached’ or ‘Friends with Benefits’ solely because we’re human beings capable of feeling some sensual urge. Nevertheless, breaking the barriers I mentioned earlier may annihilate a good friendship. A platonic friendship therefore is possible, but has a critical point of termination.


Words To Know: Seven Most Horriyfing Words for Halloween

Here are the seven spine-chilling words in English.


[per-dish-uh n]

In Christian mythology, “perdition” is the state of final spiritual ruin where the wicked are condemned to eternal damnation. In other words, it’s a way scarier word for hell. The term is derived from the Latin perdere meaning “to lose” or “to ruin.” So hold onto your souls, our next word might scare you right out of your skin.



Are you afraid of the dark? If the answer is yes, you might have nyctophobia, the abnormal fear of night or darkness. Derived from the Greek nux for “night” and phobia meaning “an aversion,” nyctophobia is the perfect word for anyone who hides under the covers once the lights go out. If you’d rather sleep in a coffin than a bed, you’ll feel nice and cozy with our next word.


[suh-puhl-kruh l]

Is anything of or pertaining to burial. Derived from the Latin sepulcralis meaning “to bury in the earth” the term owes its root to the word ‘sepulcher,’ a tomb or crypt for the dead. But unlike a sepulcher itself, many things can be sepulchral: the deep and hollow tone of a bell, a cold draft of wind that stands your hair on end, even the vacant eyes of the undead. If you’ve ever heard of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, then you’ve seen our next term in action.


[ber-surk, -zurk]

When someone goes ‘berserk,’ they become crazy, deranged, overtaken by a violent destructive frenzy. From chainsaw-wielding killers to bloodthirsty zombies, berserk is the perfect term to describe the villains of most scary movies. The term originates from Old Norse, a language that evolved from ancient Viking tongues, with bjorn meaning “bear” and serkr  meaning “shirt” or “armor.” With this etymology in mind, when someone goes berserk, it’s as though they’ve covered up their rational human behavior with the wild aspect of a bear.



Do you spend a lot of time in graveyards? Did most of your friends die before you were born? If so, then you might be poised to write a fantastic thanatopsis. From the Greek thantos meaning “death” and -opsis meaning “a view,” a thanatopsis is a written contemplation of death, often in the form of a poem. The 17th century poet William Cullen Bryant first popularized the style with a poem called-you guessed it-Thanatopsis.


[trep-i-dey-shuh n]

When a visit from a ghost sends shivers down your spine, or when a run in with a vampire gives you goose bumps, what are you feeling? Trepidation, of course. Trepidation is an experience of fear or alarm that often results in trembling or quivering. The word is derived from two Latin stems trepidare meaning “to tremble, hurry” and trepidus meaning “alarmed” or “scared.” If you plan on feeling trepidation this Halloween, our next word might give you a reason.


[lahy-kuh n-throhp, lahy-kan-throhp]

We’ve all heard the word werewolf, but the wolf community much prefers the term “lycanthrope.” Derived from the Greek lykanthropos  meaning “wolf-man,” our dictionary defines lycanthrope as “a werewolf or alien spirit in the physical form of a bloodthirsty wolf.” Though the word is used primarily in the occult, there is an actual psychiatric condition called lycanthropy, in which a person believes that he or she is a wolf.

Learn more bizarre words from my most favorite dictionary online: Dictionary.com